Friday, February 8

Brains for dinner

I know this entry may make a bit of you readers uneasy but this had to be published. I ran into Keith just on the way home the other day and he told me he picked up a nice surprise for us. I thought it might be a new shower curtain or some more silver wear, two things we desperately need, but I was way off. After we put our things down in the apartment he opens up some wrapped butcher paper and the horror you see above was what sat inside. It was so disgusting, I gasped and put my hands over my mouth and nose in shock. It was a lamb's brain that Keith found in a Carniceria (butcher shop) that specializes in the unmentionables of the meat world. I think bull testicles will be his next epicurean thrill. Allow me to go through the step-by-step preparation of this foul organ.

Step 1: Boiling the brain. This took about 15 minutes and while it was cooking, huge bubbles were forming above the water that were soo hard to pop, you'd stick a nice through it and it wouldn't deflate. Keith said it was because they were partially made of membrane which made them stronger.

Step 2: Slice the Brain into pieces. I know that by saying this you may think I'm high but really, if you think about it, eating a brain is like eating a creature's soul. It's the most complex organ that holds every memory and experience of a living thing. Voluntarily ingesting one seems so barbaric and perverted.

Step 3: Fry in Oil: Keith continued to follow the butchers directions as to how to prepare brian. He dipped each slice into beaten egg and then blanketed them in flour. Then into a hot pan of oil to fry and crisp. The smell was really odd, from the point he began boiling the brain our apartment took on an offensive odor. I made sure to keep the windows open as the brains were developing a crispy shell.

Step 4: Cool down. Brave Keith preparing to take a bite.

Step 5: Swallow. I think this photo says it all. "Hmm, interesting." Keith said he enjoyed it and would try it again. I was squirming the whole time and cringe now just thinking of it.


chell said...

I always thought of brains as more of a breakfast food.

Rachel said...

ew dude. eeeeeew.