Friday, February 8

Disco spin class

I found a great gym located on the same "manzana" (block) as my house. It's pretty small but has a great selection of classes from aerobics to karate to yoga. The one class I've been dying to try again is spin. A couple summers ago I took a spin class every week with my super-fit and motivating girlfriend Julie at the YMCA. After a couple months my derriere totally firmed up and I felt very proud of it. Once September rolled around though and I had to go back to Boulder, I dropped the routine and as a result lost the shapely rump I had worked so hard to achieve. So, I looked at their schedule at Gimnasio Chamberi and was delighted to find that they have spin classes a few times a day. The price was also very affordable. 40 euros for 9 classes a month.... that's all I have time or energy for anyway, twice a week. They allowed me to take a free trial class so I went in and did that on Monday night, just before Robin brought over the Haggis. It was pretty full and looked just like a class you'd walk into in the States, except for one thing... just after our ten minute warm-up, the instructor, Oscar, a very loud young Spaniard with the thickest thighs I've ever seen, dimmed the lights and hit a switch which simultaneously turned on a multi-color strobe light and late nineties dance music. It felt like we were at a bad nightclub with a lot of sweaty and smelly people all breathing heavily with the instructor chiming in with WOOO, VENGA! (come on!). It was actually really fun, though exhausting, and the music got better and better. You've got to have dance music with a good beat to keep your pedaling rhythm going. The strobe light though was a little goofy, definately a new experience. I've got another class today with Veronica. We'll see if she can pump up the class like Oscar can.

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what's the name of the place in madrid?