Friday, February 8

New students

Money has been a little tight for me these last few months. I'm usually out of cash by the 25th or so even though my only expenses are food, the metro, rent, some movies, nights of drinking... so I'm really not throwing money around that much. To make some more money I applied for a position at the teaching academy that Keith works at. Last week they called me back and signed me up for two classes on Monday night from 7:30-8:30pm and 8:30-10pm. My students are business professionals, two men and one woman, who are at an upper-intermediate level, which is so much better than beginner. They want to work on conversation, vocabulary, and really just refresh their knowledge of English. We have our first class on the 10th.

Enrique also hooked me up with a couple new students. Two of his friends, Carmen and Manolo, who I've already spent a bit of time with, had asked me for English lessons. I met with Manolo on Tuesday night and we sat down at a cafe for an hour and just chatted in English about everyday things... his work, relationships, free time. He's really out of practice and has a very thick accent, he speaks slowly and has to process for a while in his head before coming up with a correct sentence. I met with Carmen on Wednesday night, she is great at grammar and just wants to work on conversation and vocabulary. They're both really great fun people and it was really nice to end the day teaching motivated adults rather than complaining children.

On top of these five new students I took on 8 year old twins who's mother only wants me to play with them and speak in English while doing so. They're fun, energetic kids so it's really no work for me. I like playing with kids a whole lot more than teaching them.

So that's about an extra eighty euros a week. I've now got a very full schedule (Tuesday-Thursday 9am-9pm) bit still have a four day weekend, pretty good. Let's see if I can make it to the end of the month.

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