Saturday, February 9

Almodovar Sighting!!

This was pretty damn cool. Keith and I were just chillin in my apartment when Keith's friend Alvaro calls us to tell us he's in our neighborhood just a few feet away from the brilliant Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Keith and I ask for his location and rush out of our apartment, camera in hand, hoping to get a glimpse of the legend and maybe even a photograph. We find Alvaro just blocks from our place and five feet from him see Almodovar with his bushy white hair chatting with some friends outside a restaurant. There is no crowd around him. It seems like a perfect opportunity to get a photo and a word with the man. So Keith and I approach him, and Keith says we're such big fans and asks if we could get a photo of/with him. He very politely declined and told us that a bunch of people had approached him throughout the day and he'd told them all no, so had to do the same to us. He thanked us and walked away. I thought to myself, "I gotta get a picture!! This is Pedro Almodovar!!" So, I caught up to him and took a quick picture from behind hoping he wouldn't notice. I just took it and ran, hoping he wouldn't see me--that's why it's so crappy. He's the guy with the white hair and the red scarf, better than nothing.


todassonrisas said...

I love it! I can just imagine you running around like a crazy fan. :) Hopefully maybe I'll get a glance one of these days...

Mazur said...

Fucking cool.

Color me impressed.

Rachel said...

haha thats so fucking funny. i can totally picture you running away all excited afterward.

Laz said...

WOW, that is pretty damn cool. You have all probably calmed down from the excitement by now though, but I just wanted to say that I also think thats cool.

MadridMan said...

I too have seen Pedro Almodóvar at this very place (in the photo) - which I believe to be the newstand/metro at Glorieta de Bilbao, outside of the Cafe Comercial.

My sighting was last December 12th. I was seated on a stool at the bar of Café Comercial at about 1pm and a figure entered the door. I didn't pay any attention to him but he leaned across the bar just behind my back to ask the bartender something. At the time, I thought the person was talking to me so I spun my head around to look directly into Pedro Almodóvar's face, about 12 inches away. Wow. I was kind of shocked!

He was alone, no one was bothering him, and I was dying to take a photo but my friend recommended against it. Spaniards are much more respectful to Spanish "stars" than we United Statesens are. MY first inclination was to stop him, ask him for a photo, etcetera, but I didn't.

He left shortly thereafter and stood at the newstand outside for about 5 minutes - which is where I took MY photo of Pedro Almodovar - the back of his head!! I couldn't bring myself to let him spot me taking his photo.

A friend of mine sees him from time to time in this neighborhood so I'll guess he lives in the area. It's kind of funny - to me - how he seems to seem and act like such a "normal person", using the metro, stopping at the newstand, shopping at El Corte Inglés' supermarket alone. It's good that he considers himself "normal".

By the way, nice blog! I just found it!