Sunday, March 16

My sister, the entrepreneur

Hey, so enough about Spain, you wanna know what´s going on in the states? My sister is what´s going on... she just opened a charming little shop in Portland, Oregon called Hermitage. It sells extraordinary wallpapers and unique home accessories. Check out her shops website at I think this place is gonna be big. She just launched it a couple months ago and things are moving pretty slow, but that´s to be expected. She´s got everything in place, the look, the publicity (Lucky magazine is doing a spread on the shop) and a good location. Check out the prints she has on her site, I´m telling you, wallpaper is the next big thing. If you know anyone in Portland, ask, no, tell them to check it out!

Friday, March 14

Old Spanish Ladies

You know how old ladies dress in the states, don't you? White sneakers, linen pants, and an oversized pastel shirt, maybe throw in a visor. You wouldn't catch a Spanish woman dead in that kind of outfit. Even though they have swollen cankles and a serious case of scoliosis, you'll still find them dressed a hell of a lot better than me wearing chanel-esque dress suits, high heels and tons of make-up and hairspray. It must take them hours to get ready in the morning. Oh ya, and each of them has a little fluffy white dog being dragged next to them.

Tuesday, March 11

Simple Pleasures

These two new purchases: a leafy house plant from the flower shop next door and a bright shower curtain from IKEA have increased my happy meter by 5 points. My apartment is looking more and more like a home and it's becoming really nice to walk in that front door and sit down and see that these two pretty new things are mine. (I don't have much money to spend on "stuff" so these little things, some would say insignificant things, tend to make my day).