Sunday, March 16

My sister, the entrepreneur

Hey, so enough about Spain, you wanna know what´s going on in the states? My sister is what´s going on... she just opened a charming little shop in Portland, Oregon called Hermitage. It sells extraordinary wallpapers and unique home accessories. Check out her shops website at I think this place is gonna be big. She just launched it a couple months ago and things are moving pretty slow, but that´s to be expected. She´s got everything in place, the look, the publicity (Lucky magazine is doing a spread on the shop) and a good location. Check out the prints she has on her site, I´m telling you, wallpaper is the next big thing. If you know anyone in Portland, ask, no, tell them to check it out!


Rachel said...

poopie paaants!! i didnt get your voicemail! its all scratchy and muffled like last time!

todassonrisas said...

Congrats to your sis! The store looks beautiful and I will definitely stop by next time I'm in Portland! My best friend Chris and some other friends are up there... I sent a message for them to check it out!