Saturday, February 9

Going to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds!!!

I couldn't be more excited!! I fell in love with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds while in Buenos Aires and have always thought they would put on an excellent concert. For graduation, Chell gave me the new release from Grinderman, Cave's side band, which has a much grittier sound than his earlier stuff but is still top notch. Anything that man puts out is gold.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will release their 14th album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig! on March 3rd. The show is in Barcelona on April 25th! I've invited Laura, an old friend of my sister Jennifer who is living in Barcelona, teaching English like me. She's also a big fan. Check out their music video for one of my favorites, Stagger Lee: I get the feeling that he and David Lynch would get along just fine... I think they could produce something incredible if they collaborated together on a music video or film.


Rachel said...

uuum, dude, did you get my package?

Mazur said...

Double cool.

You ever see Wings of Desire? 's got a great Nick Cave scene.