Monday, January 28

A Must See Film!

I just saw this movie last Friday and I must say it is probably one of the best films I've seen all year. It takes place in 1980s England and is about a 12 year old boy named Sean who has recently lost his father in the Falklands War. He and his mother are trying to carry on with their lives, but things haven't been easy, especially for Sean who leads a very isolated life. Sean soon finds friendship in a rowdy group of teenage punks and skinheads. They take him under their wing and turn him into one of them. a beer guzzling, boot wearing menace to society. Sean is finally experiencing joy and fulfillment for the first time since his father died. Soon, however, Combo, a racist skinhead who has recently been released from prison enters Sean's life and robs him of his innocence, propelling him into a world of hate and violence. A most powerful film... in the ranks of Goodfellas and American History X. Beautifully filmed and with an excellent soundtrack.


radialrelish said...

Don't be silly, your mind is just as capable as mine. If you don't understand what I've written, it's not because you're an idiot (you're far from it actually), but rather because what I write doesn't make any sense. I miss you too.

fuckyoudieslow said...

check my art foolio on my blog....lost in space robot.

Mazur said...

Wow. It's like reunion, in disconnected text.

That poster is a takeoff of The Who's 1960 punk-rock flick, Quadrophenia, which is fucking great.

I just saw Kar-wai's Blueberry Nights here. Have you seen it?