Monday, January 7

Major Slacker

Hello everyone. Well, it's a new year and with that comes resolutions. As any of my faithful readers (all five of you) will know, I did a piss poor job blogging last term, that is, since I launched my site in October. Actually, looking back on it I did okay the first month or so, I uploaded photos regularly and made sure to write a few paragraphs about my current situation. That was before I established myself in Spain, before I made friends, before I found an apartment. With all these new distractions I made little time to share my life with all of you. And for those of you who didn't know, I was without a personal computer the whole time. I had to run off to a local locutorio to upload picutures (I'm sure you heard me bitching about it) and write short little entries. The amount of time it took, however, to upload photos, made it very unappealing to also write. That locutorio has a terrible draft and constantly seems to have Rhianna's Umbrella on repeat... the less time I spend there the better. But now, I am fortunate enough to be bringing back to Madrid a beautiful brand-new MacBook--it's black and lightweight, very travel-friendly and works like a dream. With the advantage of now being able to blog from home I can promise you I will post more often, and not just pictures... actual words and sentences. Ah, and I've taken the liberty to add written entries to my formerly photo-only posts.

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Rachel said...

fuck yeah, im one of your 5 faithful readers! i bet you're lovin the're a weiner. k, im gonna take a nap.