Monday, January 14

Heart Attack in a Box.

Chicago Pizza will kill you. I ordered this medium pizza while staying at a Holiday Inn in Chicago. I was forced to spend the night there since I missed the last connection to San Diego on my way home for the holidays. I asked the receptionist what she recommended I order for dinner and she insisted on this pizzeria that makes "the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago"--I think it's called Giordano's. I ordered a medium cheese pizza and a coke and waited anxiously in my comfy king-sized bed, passing the time watching Law & Order. When I heard a knock on the door I jumped and answered it, quickly paid the skinny delivery boy and upon opening the pizza box, this monstrosity that you see above is what I found. It was about three inches thick and about the length of a soccer ball. Even though I was starving, I couldn't eat more than two slices. It was spectacular in taste but so freakin heavy. I felt like I just ate thirty mozzerella sticks or something. The crust unfortunately wasn't too good, kind of had the texture of cardboard. The look of this pie was unlike any i'd ever seen, I'm not sure if all Chicago-style pizza is done this way but on this one the cheese was under the sauce... very odd. Nonetheless, worth a try. A very tasty, albeit somewhat sickening, experience.

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