Wednesday, October 3

Sniff sniff

I just signed the lease for the apartment today and tomorrow I move in! Yay! No more communal showers! Unfortunately though I´m sick, so I can´t enjoy it completely unabated... am i using that word right? Anyway, I started work. The kids are so damn young! And I´m not allowed to speak a damn word in Spanish to them, English only. They sure are awful cute. The teachers are great and the school is in good shape but the commute is a killer. I have to wake up at 6:45 in order to catch the metro at 7:15 so that I can then catch the bus at 8 and be in San Agustin where my school is by 8:30. I teach from 9-1 Monday thru Thursday, except for Wednesday when I teach 10-4. There are 5 other ¨Auxiliars¨at the school, all about my age and really friendly. Two of them are veterans from last year so they´ve been very helpful in familiarizing the rest of us with the program. One thing about the school, the teachers kiss and pet and hug the students constantly here, it´s so wonderful. If this was done in the states to the degree it´s done here I´m afraid lawsuits would be filed. Well, that´s what´s new. Ugg, my throat is so sore and my nose is running like mad. I think I´m gonna call it an early night.

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Rachel said...

damn, i wish my teachers would kiss, and pet and hug me. i'd probably be more excited about going to school.