Tuesday, October 9

One of my first graders threw up in class today. He looked fine when he walked in but about 5 minutes into the lesson he stands up and walks towards me and just throws up at my feet. It got on my legs and shoes a little. The teacher I work with, Maria Jose, quickly ran him to the bathroom and apologized. He came back skipping.
On the subject of child sickness, Maria Jose warned me that lice is going around and that I should stay away from kids that scratch their heads too much. Great.
Last night I saw The Brave One. Here they call it ¨La extraña que hay en ti¨ (the stranger that is within you) which after watching the film is a much more appropriate title. Just before seeing it a friend of mine mentioned that they heard it was very mediocre and suggested I go see Eastern Promises instead. I was willing but Keith insisted we see The Brave One before it leaves the theaters. I agreed and invited a couple Scottish friends to join us. Now, the first 15 minutes of the the film are a bit goofy and we were thinking about ditching for Eastern Promises... it gets really good though. Rottentomatoes.com, a film critic site I usually rely on, gave it a 44%... personally, I think it warrranted atleast an 80% or so. Jodie Foster gives a fantastic performance and I wouldn´t be surprised to find her on the list of Best Actress Nominees for the Oscars. Her character´s relationship with a detective (played by Terrence Howard) is really beautifully crafted and the exploration of her newfound self (thus, the stranger within) is surprising and fascinating. I highly recommend it.
Time to get some churros.


fuckyoudieslow said...

so like..do the euro mexicans like taco's...or are american mexican a disgrace to the euro mexicans?

Rachel said...

first of all, who is fuckyoudieslow? thats a pretty fucking rad name. second of all, i love that a kid barfed on your legs. thats so funny. little kids are so nasty...fleas, and vomit. geez, man, fuck having kids. ok ok. enjoy your churro

Mazur said...

One of my nine-year-olds puked in class today too. And then it smelled faintly like puke the rest of the day. It sucked.

So I puked back onto him. Revenge is a bitch.