Friday, October 26

Improv Show

I forgot to mention to all you readers that last Thursday I went with Keith and a crowd of international girls, one of whom is a French girl I met in the hostel, to see improv. It looked like just a small bar from the street but in the back they had a small stage and seats. There were about 20 people in the audience and the entrance fee was only 7€, which is peanuts for Madrid. Five young people, about my age, asked from the stage that we grant them each a name and a profession. With the crowd shouting suggestions, each one chose what they thought would make for the best story which ended up centering around a cake-maker named Jesus. After establishing their characters, they grabbed some clothes from a costume rack to suit their persona. For an hour and a half, these five people put on a hilarious, immensely entertaining show. Naturally it was in Spanish, but I followed it quite well and am sure to return. I don´t even know of a place in the states where you can see such talent perform live. The dialogue was great and the twists and turns in the story were clever and unanticipated. They have a show every Thursday at 11pm.

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