Wednesday, October 31

My first paycheck!

Today I got paid and it was a great feeling. I´ve been living off my parents allowance since I got here and now I actually have money of my own to spend. For working only 16 hours a week I´m making pretty decent money (888.25€/month). Unfortunately, half of that (450€) goes to rent so that leaves me very little spending money. I have therefore decided to take on six extra tutoring jobs a week (totaling about 90€), teaching english to kids ranging from 6 to 14 and an adult woman. Hopefully that will be enough income to sustain the lifestyle I´ve grown accustomed to out here. If not, I´ll just have to pick up a few more tutoring jobs.

It´s getting very cold and I´ve realized I don´t have suitable winter clothing. I left my North Face jacket and my long winter coat at home thinking that I wouldn´t need them until after Christmas, but by mid-November they say we may see some snow. I also need boots which are such the fashion here; European women just love boots and tights... I´ve gotta jump on board.

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