Sunday, November 18

New Blog!

I love Madrid and I love eating. I've thus decided to combine my loves and write a blog about them. I will post about the restaurants and tapas bars in Madrid and give a critical review of them, complete with pictures of dishes and interiors/exteriors. The blog site is (a la plancha means grilled). I'm very excited to start!


jennifer said...

hey panda face. i can't find the blog i was looking for. give a bit of time and i'll come up with it. the new york times mentioned it. maybe if you do a search for new york food blogs you can find it, however there seems to be a lot out there and the one i'm thinking of was a compliation of several diners. there is a blog in portland that is really funny, reviewing all the hamburgers in town. it's called:
it's pretty funny, you should check it out. lots of love!

Chell said...

I can't wait for your new food blog. To answer your question: I found them at the Pierogi gallery site. When I was in Leipzig I visited the Leipzig branch of the Pierogi, and I liked what I saw, so I visit the site every once in a while to see if they have anything new. Also, I noticed you deleted a comment, you can delete it again and it will no longer say "comment deleted", but just be gone. What did the comment say?