Wednesday, November 7

Daytrip to Toledo

I took my first trip out of town a couple weeks ago to Toledo, a beautiful city with great historical significance for Spain being that it was once the capital of the Spanish Empire. It sits 70 km outside Madrid, just a 30 minute journey via train. I went with my friend Thomas, a fellow CU grad, and his lovely roommates. We arrived around noon and spent the day walking through cathedrals and mosques, eating in an medieval street fair and visiting some museums including one dedicated to the artist El Greco, Toledo´s most celebrated citizen. It was a warm, beautiful day and the landscape was incredible. It felt so good to escape the busy city; to breathe fresh air and see rivers, trees and rolling hills.

All the cured meat your heart desires at the street fair

Paco, Sonya, Me, Kate and Thomas sitting ouside the El Greco museum

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