Wednesday, November 7


Being that costumes were so expensive, I had no intention of dressing up for halloween. The teacher I work with however, Maria Jose, had an extra witches hat and some shoddy face paint, so she turned me into a witch. None of the kids were allowed to dress up because last year the preschoolers were so terrified the school got complaints from parents. So they all wore halloween colors instead. In the classroom we taught them halloween songs and vocabulary and painted their faces with bats and pumpkins and vampire fangs. Halloween is a very American holiday and has only gained popularity in Spain in the last few years thanks of course to the globalization of American culture. Still, not everyone celebrates Halloween in Spain, mainly just kids and those who want an excuse to get dressed up and party.

We, the American Auxiliars: Katka, Emilia, Me and Beth

Some of my favorite kids: Erika, Diego and Laura

In the classroom with my students

Aitor, Jose David and Natalia

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